Facebook & Social Media Advertising In Elwood

With Social Media Ad Placements, You Can Reach Your Audience Like Never Before

Advertising on Social Media and Facebook Gives Unprecedented Reach into prospects In Elwood

If you're trying to find new prospects, Facebook needs to be in your playbook. Social Media and Facebook marketing will give you the means to access people In Elwood, possessing the interests and geography you seek.

Of course, everything comes at a cost. You need to pay Facebook for the visitors you get. The concern becomes, is it worth the money?

After you appear in front of people In Elwood, then what? It truly depends on what you would like to achieve. Are we pushing people to your website? Are we trying to get people In Elwood to become fans of your page to generate "authority" status and brand reputation? Are we going for registrations?

Prior to starting your advertising campaign, we are able to help you to pinpoint precisely what you need to accomplish.

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Reaching Your Prospects In Elwood on Facebook

There are many approaches to reach an "Audience" on Facebook:

  • Concentrating on those who have visited your website before (retargeting);
  • Prospects that are enthusiasts of your page;
  • Potential customers that have related passions (including other pages on Facebook);
  • Potential customers who meet demographic criteria;
  • People that are already your customers;
  • and the list goes on...

With Facebook, we're able to focus on people - by gender, age, income, profession, job title, location, interests and more. These individuals end up part of an "audience" which may consist of many people. Facebook doesn't give us that list, however it will present our advertisements to individuals on that list that we have created.

We can pay for clicks, leads, advertising impressions ... they will let you pay in many different ways. In the end, it is about buying exposure to and connecting with your prospects.

Pros of Advertising on Social Media and Facebook

Pro: Facebook's Advantage Over Google: No Search Required

The primary benefit Facebook offers In Elwood is its capability to appear in front of prospects that are not proactively trying to find what you offer. This does not mean they won't have an interest. It simply means they are not proactively conducting a search when they see your ad. However, they most likely were looking for something such as what you offer quite recently.

The search engines like Google are restricted to individuals actually searching. A person may be in the market for an attorney, but if they aren't doing a search for one, those advertising and marketing in pay-per-click do not reach that prospect.

Pro: Facebook is Perfect for Reaching Out to Regional Market Places

  • Are you an attorney? Health care provider? Home renovation company? A restaurant or store?
  • For any business who does business locally In Elwood Facebook is a great method to reach your target audience.
  • We have the ability to target your prospects in numerous ways.
  • Only need to reach women 35-65 in a couple of zip codes? Not a problem!
  • Want to have a special offer on Wednesday? We are able to do that.

The appeal of Facebook is the capacity to target. You can run a small campaign that functions in huge ways, simply by concentrating on the correct prospects, in the right location, with the appropriate message.

Facebook Pricing is Lower, but So are Conversion Rates...

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In general, Facebook marketing is less expensive than Google and the other engines and reaches a different group of people than SEO on Long Island. They charge less for each click. If you are choosing to pay per ad view (paying for advertisements to be presented, rather than paying for clicks), that tends to cost less too.

However, in our experience, clicks from Facebook vs. Google tend to be of a reduced quality. It isn't that there's a downside to Facebook. Rather, the person is in a different mind-set.

Users from Google just performed a search (such as "personal injury attorneys in XYZ"). It is apparent what they want, and they're browsing because they have a genuine need. They have a tendency to convert from web surfer to qualified prospect at a greater rate, since they have a current need that they need to fulfill (finding legal help).

In comparison, an advertisement on Facebook might catch a person's interest. They may or may not be actively shopping for an attorney, but still have the need.

For all of those reasons, Facebook targeted traffic often convert at a lower rate than Google visitors... which is OK for the reasons you will learn about next.

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So is Social Media Advertising Worth It?

Whether Facebook is a "great deal" for your advertising and marketing dollars truly depends on the numbers.

Suppose Bing clicks are $10 and Facebook actions are $1. Which one is superior? It depends.

  • If 5% of Google actions convert, that's $200+ for a new customer.
  • If 1% of Facebook visitors convert, that's $100 for a new customer - great!
  • But of only 0.2% of Facebook visitors convert, that's $500+ for a new customer - that hurts!

The point is... there is no "correct answer." It all depends on your advertising campaign, your offer, and how the market responds to you. The "right answer" would be to test, adjust, and test yet again.

Just remember to have your design strong before launching ads like these. For info about our website design consultants, our graphic design on Long Island or our marketing consulting services in Suffolk County contact us today.

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Facebook Campaigns Need To Be Managed and Improved

Because of challenges with Facebook - and each of the variables at play - campaign supervision is vital. Within an ad we test pictures, headlines, ad copy and more. We also test the strength of the landing pages people reach after clicking on your ads. Are they staying? Enrolling? Buying? We test the demographics, the targeting as well as the audiences.

Some modifications can yield 2x-10x results, but until we test, you won't know. Our exceptional marketing campaign operations is the critical component in making the most of your marketing spend with all internet advertising, but particularly with Facebook.

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