About Us

About Direct Response Group

About Us

Direct Response Group was started in 2002, serving some of the largest brands on the internet. As early pioneers in Internet Marketing, we were fortunate to be on the cutting edge of nearly all emerging marketing technologies through the 21st century.

Our founder and President, Christopher Ulrich, started on the internet in 1992 with what would have been the first major directory on the Internet (pre-dating Yahoo). At the time, no one believed the Internet would ever "go commercial" and he instead continued his pursuit of a law degree. After passing the bar exam in New York and Connecticut, he practiced law for several years, including helping several early start ups. Seeing the future, he launched his own start up, Cydian Technologies, which was one of the first domain registration companies on the internet.

After thousands of customers for domains, and eventually for web hosting, he turned his sights on Internet Marketing.

Over the last two decades, he has generated more than $600 million in revenue for his clients, using a mixture of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Pay Per Click advertising, affiliate marketing, email marketing and social media campaigns.

Today, Direct Response Group and its team help clients in a variety of industries.

This is not an exhaustive list - if you do not see your industry identified, we can most likely help you. There are hundreds of industries that can benefit and we just can't list them all...

Legal Practices

  • Law Firm Marketing
  • Personal Injury Legal Marketing
  • Employment Law Legal Marketing
  • Sexual Harassment Legal Marketing
  • Wage & Hour Legal Marketing
  • Medical Malpractice Legal Marketing
  • Mass Torts Legal Marketing
  • Matrimonial Law Legal Marketing
  • Bankruptcy Law Legal Marketing
  • Business / Corporate Legal Marketing
  • Class Action Legal Marketing
  • Criminal Defense Legal Marketing
  • Elder Law Legal Marketing
  • Intellectual Property Legal Marketing
  • Real Estate Legal Marketing
  • Estate Planning Legal Marketing
  • Workers Compensation Legal Marketing
  • Securities Law Legal Marketing
  • Creditors Rights Legal Marketing
  • Consumers Rights Legal Marketing

Medical, Health & Wellness

  • Medical Practice Marketing
  • Dental Practice Marketing
  • Chiropractic Marketing
  • Nutritionist Marketing
  • Veterinary Marketing

Professional Services

  • Financial Services Marketing
  • Marketing for Accountants
  • Marketing for Financial Services
  • Marketing for Management Consultants

B2C Products and Services

  • Home Repair Lead Generation
  • Construction Lead Generation
  • Real Estate Marketing & Leads
  • Mortgage & Loan Leads
  • Assisted Living Marketing
  • Local Services Companies
  • Home Renovation & Remodeling
  • Solar Energy
  • Catering & Events
  • Entertainment

B2B Products and Services

  • Internet Service Marketing
  • Software Developer Marketing
  • Marketing for Computer Services
  • Telecom Marketing
  • Marketing for Consultants