South Huntington Lead Generation Services

Leads are Great, but Direct Exclusive Leads In South Huntington Straight to You are the Best!

Do You Have Too Many High-Quality Leads In South Huntington?

If You Answered "Yes," Congratulations!

You're in a very rare place!

For 99% of businesses, however, getting more affordable, high quality leads is critical to their growth.

In our experience, businesses In South Huntington that use leads often face several challenges. How many of these challenges do you face?

If you are suffering one or more of these issues, then you are with the large majority of lead buyers. You are not alone. But don't worry, there is a solution.

Some of the More Common Lead Issues In South Huntington Include:

  • Your business does not have enough leads
  • The leads you are receiving are too expensive
  • The leads you are buying are "shared leads" and are being called by 4-10 competitors In South Huntington
  • You don't know how your leads are really sourced
  • Many "leads" are really just names from a list, with no interest in what you offer
  • Leads are not for the product or service you really want to sell
  • Leads take too long too close
  • Leads are tired of hearing from companies and stop answering the phone

Lead Generation vs. Lead Buying

What is Lead Buying? Lead Generation?

There is a huge difference between lead generation and lead buying. When you are generating leads, you are defining your market, you are defining your need, and you are targeting your prospects and connecting with them directly.

Lead Generation is the Better Strategy

When you need high quality leads, nothing is better than generating your own.

Why? They are yours exclusively, they are 100% fresh, you get them immediately and you act on them without competition!

Why Lead Generation is More Powerful

There are many reasons why Lead Generation is a more powerful strategy for your business:

  • Lead Generation produces leads generated by your website
  • Lead Generation delivers leads exclusively yours
  • You have a competitive edge - your competition cannot call your leads!
  • You can target your leads efforts to a geography, season or product
  • Lead Generation gives you control - turn your leads on and off as needed
  • Lead Generation lets you measure your marketing against real results
  • You can refocus your marketing on what is most productive

Why "Lead Buying" Can Be the Wrong Strategy In South Huntington

What's the Issue with Lead Buying?

When you are a lead buyer, you are buying leads and lists from third parties.

When you have "bad" leads, it is not only that you do not get any new business from them. You are also angering people who could have theoretically been customers, and delegitimizing your own business and good name.

Generating Your Own Leads: Know What You're Getting

When we work with you to generate leads, we are not acting as a broker. We are strategists, generating leads direct to you as efficiently as possible.

We use your website or a website designed exclusively for you. Leads come to you directly by phone (live calls) or via email & SMS (the instant a lead is submitted).

Leads are Often Sold More Times than You Know

When a lead broker has a lead, it is money. They want to make as much as they can, and often sell the same lead many times. Honest lead brokers disclose this, but not all do. Lead brokers often acquire leads to resell, not knowing they've already been resold many times. They generally don't know exactly how they were generated, if they are real, or the quality.

  • Leads are often sold to many people (even if you think they are exclusive)
  • Leads are often old and recycled
  • Some leads are, unfortunately, completely fake. You will never reach them because some lead sellers include up to ___% of fake leads, hoping you accept some percentage as unreachable and continue to buy
  • Leads are often acquired by less than ethical means
    • Lead sellers buy old lists from other lead companies and resell them
    • Lead sellers use call centers to generate leads from people who aren't really interested in what you're offering
    • Lead sellers aren't as particular as you when it comes to lead quality

Understanding the Process
for a Successful Lead Generation Campaign In South Huntington

Our lead generation programs are so successful because we build all campaigns the way we would build them for ourselves. We tailor them to achieving your goals and results, and ensure you get the best possible results as quickly as possible.

We follow a structured plan to design and develop a lead generation campaign for you. It is more than simply buying ads. It involves a deep understanding of your business, your goals, and what you really need to achieve those goals.

Step 1: Business Discovery & Metrics

First, we meet with you (in person or by phone) and learn more about your business and real needs:

  • We work with you to identify the perfect prospects.
  • What services will they buy?
  • How much will they spend?
  • How long will they take to close?
  • What percentage of business do you close?
  • How much profit can you make on a new client?
  • What percentage of profit would you commit to customer acquisition?

With this information, we are able to help formulate metrics and a strategy to make you profitable.

Step 2: Asset Review - Website & Landing Pages

Next, we need to understand what assets you have available to help attract new customers.

  • Is your website in great shape? Does it need a facelift?
  • Do you have a compelling landing page?
  • Do you have a strong reason for visitors to become prospects?
  • Are you telling visitors who qualifies as a good prospect and who should look elsewhere?

There is no point in spending thousands or millions of dollars on marketing to send people to a web page that does not convert visitors into prospects. The best revenue multiplier is a good landing page. We will cover this with you, and ensure that when you send people in, you maximize your chance of converting them into business.

Step 3: Understanding the Pain

If you want someone to become your prospect, they need to be motivated to take action.

  • What can you offer them, to get them to engage with you?
  • What pain do you solve?
  • What is the impact for them if they do not solve that pain?

Step 4: The Offer

What's in it for them? Why should they engage?

To get them to call or fill out an inquiry form, there must be something in it for them. What can we develop to attract the best people to engage with you?

Offer something of value - knowledge, information, a sample, a demonstration. Something they really want.

Step 5: The Lead Capture

Now it is time to ask for the lead. But be careful - ask too much and you scare them away. We work with you to develop a lead capture form or offer that gets you the essentials up front.

The less you ask, the more you get.

Let's strike a balance and maximize that lead flow.

Step 6: The Delivery

Finally, nothing is better than a fresh lead. In fact, several studies have shown that if you wait too long to follow up on a lead, your chance of ever closing that sale can drop 90-95%. Put another way, respond in the first 5-30 minutes, and your chance of closing the sale goes UP by a whopping 2,000%!

  • Phone leads ring straight to you at whatever number you designate, no call center in the middle
  • Leads can optionally be routed to answering services during overnight and weekend hours
  • We can send you email alerts and text alerts (SMS) the instant a caller dials. You can get an alert before the phone even rings!

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