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Let Your Message Shine Visually - Engage Your Wheatley Heights Prospects in 3 Seconds or Less!

Wheatley Heights Graphic Design & Logos: Reflect Your Greatness

Prospects Perceive Visuals Faster than Text

To say prospects are visual is an understatement. We perceive images 50,000 times faster than we can read and understand the written word. Our brains are wired to perceive and react to images in nature. Text is not a natural occurrence, and our brains are forced through a relatively slow process of interpretation.

Given the accelerated pace of life, short attention spans and the greater ease of absorbing images, it is clear that superb visuals are vital to your marketing in Wheatley Heights.

Be honest, where did your eye go first - the photographs or the text? That's where graphic design comes into play.

You Have Seconds to Capture Attention

When businesses are trying to reach new customers, they may have seconds to capture new interest. Many prospects decide in a matter of mere seconds whether to continue reviewing a web page, video, brochure or other piece of information. Your visuals need to capture your prospects' interest - with little to no reading required.

A brilliantly written sales letter doesn't do much good if no one reads it. Strong visuals can capture attention and draw in your prospects.

Original Designs are Important

Let your original designs reflect how you are an original.

Too many businesses in Wheatley Heights use the same 20 stock photographs and logos for everything. Original photos and distinctive professional photos can have an impact. Be distictive.

Having something original to see - whether original photos, drawings, graphics or compilations - give the viewer something new to engage with. Users are happy to give their attention - if it is of interest to them. Make it eye catching, and let them engage.

What Do Your Images Say about You?

Prospects browsing the web in Wheatley Heights are extremely visual - drawn to the most inspiring images - and your graphic design and logo can have a major impact on how they perceive you.

  • Do your graphics and images reflect your business's excellence?
  • Are your visuals eye-catching, stimulating and engaging?
  • Do your visitors want to take a closer look at your website, brochure or business card and feel compelled to learn more? If not, they will skip over you and go elsewhere.

You need something eye-catching to get their attention. From web pages to display ads, business cards to logos, they all matter. Developing a consistent graphic design across all media helps give a professional and unified image of you across all platforms.

Images are so important, they play a key role in other advertising as well. Our SEO ad agency depend on strong visuals for engagement. Our website design consultants focuses on strong visual presentation. Even facebook advertising agency services in Nassau County can benefit, as user experience plays a part in campaign response rates. Yes, even those at our local advertising agency in Nassau County understand the power of visuals.

With Graphic Design, Perception is Everything

Prospects believe and internalize what they see. Is your design sloppy? Messy? Carelessly laid out? Does it send the wrong message to your prospects?

On the other hand, many small businesses in Wheatley Heights make a tremendous impression through visual design. Prospects attribute competency, skill, knowledge and professionalism based on what they see - which may have no correlation to the business itself.

Don't scare away prospects with the wrong image. Design a strong visual presence that attracts the customers you want.

Weak Visuals Cost You Attention & Business in Wheatley Heights

Having a weak visual presence isn't just undesirable. It is impactful on your bottom line.

You want to attract new customers in Wheatley Heights. You want your marketing to work for you to attract prospects for your sales team. The sales process is actually a detailed process, only ending in the sale.

If any step along the process is broken, sales can't happen. Without sales, you lose opportunity, revenue and profits.

Sales starts with marketing, and marketing requires attention & engagement:

  • Attract prospects to your website.
  • In just 3-5 seconds they decide to stay or leave.
  • If they stay, you have 5-15 seconds to grab their interest.
  • If they make it to the bottom of the page, they should contact you. You have what they need, they'd be foolish to go elsewhere!

Maximize Your Campaign Results with Graphic Design

You spend a lot of time and money driving prospects from Wheatley Heights to your website. You've run SEO, AdWords, Facebook and other media. You've gotten them to the door, but then what?

Even Though it is Art, it is a Numbers Game

Let's say you drive in 1000 visitors to your website. Of those, 100 read on, and 20 inquire. What happened to the rest? They weren't engaged. They weren't pulled in.

Now let's say you drive in 1000 visitors to your site. Of those, 200 read on, and 40 inquire. Congratulations, you've just doubled sales by designing a better site.

Oh, and best of all - you did NOT have to double your budget! It isn't about spending more. It is about being smarter with what you spend, and delivering a better user experience to close more business!

Here's a secret: our paid media advertising agency in Nassau and our retargeting companies in New York both focus on strong visuals for higher click through rates and cheaper leads. Visuals can't be underestimated, even when we are providing lead generation on LI and marketing consulting services.

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