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In Baldwin Harbor PPC, Pay Per Click & Search Engine Marketing Get You to the Top of Google & Bing with Paid Ads

If you've ever used Google to drive traffic to your Baldwin Harbor business, you've seen the ads Google shows on the top and bottom of each search page. While SEO or search engine optimization impacts ranks in the "natural" portion of the results page, the focus here is on the ads. These ads use an advertising method known as PPC advertising, or PPC for short. Pay Per Click is also called Search Engine Marketing or SEM. These ads promote businesses from Baldwin Harbor and across the world, to drive business for their products or services.

In a nutshell, the search engines show your ad on the page, and you pay "per click" when prospects click on your ad. If they see your ad and do not click, you pay nothing.

Adwords advertising can be a very effective form of advertising - but only if you run a tightly optimized campaign that focuses on achieving measurable results at an acceptable cost.

You need a PPC expert to manage your campaign and budget with surgical precision. Strategy, optimization and execution. This is how Baldwin Harbor businesses can succeed online.

PPC In Baldwin Harbor
Adwords for businesses

How Does Pay Per Click Advertising Work for Businesses?

With PPC advertising, you are paying to advertise on the major search engines. You select relevant keywords and you pay when prospects click on your ads.

You can pay from cents to dollars (even hundreds of dollars on the most competitive keywords). Your ads are shown for free - you only pay for prospects who click.

Our job is to select the right search phrases that are relevant and attract real customers. We then optimize the campaign DAILY to make the campaign profitable.

We even design ad copy (the text of the ads) to prevent those less interested from clicking on your ads, leaving that click (and your ad budget) for more interested customers!

Pay Per Click Can Generate Massive Profits -

or Huge Losses if You Aren't Optimizing Daily

PPC Attracts Hand Raisers In Baldwin Harbor Who Want Your products or services

Getting a flood of traffic while blowing through a large budget is easy. Getting profitable prospects - with a high return on investment (ROI) - that is the real challenge.

Done right, PPC advertising In Baldwin Harbor can generate tremendous results, with leads and sales to grow your business.

Why? Prospects searching are "hand raisers" - they have a need and are looking for a solution, right now. They are your perfect prospect.

Done wrong, pay per click is a money pit, with thousands of dollars wasted on clicks from people who never intended to buy from you anyway.

Bad targeting, misplaced keywords, weak pages on your website and overpriced clicks can quickly turn your Baldwin Harbor PPC campaign into a nightmare.

Why is PPC So Effective for Businesses?

Google (and the other search engines) is the best way to capture the interest of prospects who are already searching for what you offer.

pay per click puts you on the page, in front of prospects, with the opportunity to bring them to your website.

Approximately 30% of prospects who do searches click on one or more PPC ads on the page. In general, your ad will receive clicks from 3-15% of searchers. The rest look at other ads and the "natural search engine results" (promoted via SEO / Search Engine Optimization). With the services of our SEO ad agency, we can advise you on these options as well.

While these percentages may sound low, keep in mind - you only pay for what you get. If 100 people do a search on your keywords and see your ads on Google, and 7 people click on your ad, you only pay for the 7 people. You pay nothing for the 93 people who saw your business ad without clicking (hint: free advertising!)

Well-Managed Campaigns Yield Great Results

In a well-managed pay per click campaign, our job is to find you the best traffic at the right costs. We target search phrases that are most likely to attract paying customers.

We optimize the campaign daily to hit your ROI goals and budget.

We pay attention to the look and content of your pages. Our Nassau County website design experts specializes in websites that actually lower your cost per click!

In the end, our goal is to help you grow your business according to the parameters you set.

Our task is to use nearly 32 years of experience to beat your competition, bringing you business at your target costs or better.

Doubt PPC Works?

Advertisers Spend Hundreds of Billions Every Year on pay per click!

Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube & Facebook Earn Billions from PPC

On the whole, advertising on pay per click - including Google AdWords - can be worth it. The key: making the numbers work for you.

Let's be honest: Google doesn't make $100 billion per year on AdWords because it doesn't work. They make a fortune because it does work and has a huge impact on the success of businesses locally and worldwide. Our local advertising consultants helps local business reach customers in their backyard, and national companies go nationwide!

Don't worry - you don't have to advertise your business worldwide. We can target your campaigns down to the zip code, hitting just the people you want!

PPC Advertising In Baldwin Harbor

Social Media PPC Balances Lower Intent and Lower Prices

Social media sites have pay per click models, but they are not based on search. Instead, they show ads based on what they "think" are your interests.

On average, the quality of a click is lower, because the person wasn't searching. They responded to a banner ad. On the upside, the clicks are cheaper to your business. In the end, you can get a positive ROI. To learn more about PPC on social media, and social media marketing click here.

Related are the services of our display advertising ad agency in Suffolk County which focuses on the diplay ads, on and off social media. These are not mutually exclusive and can work well together.

In the end, it is about ROI. If you can spend $1 and get a return of $2-$100 or more, what a fantastic opportunity! Speak with our Long Island social media company to learn more.

Challenges in Generating Leads from pay per click

Some of the most common challenges faced by business who come to us for help include:

  • Rising Google costs - requiring ever more precise bid management;
  • Increased competition for search phrases
  • Growth of competition as more businesses enter the space;
  • Higher and higher pay per click bids raised by competitors;
  • New business generation costs blowing through the roof;
  • Disappointment in previous attempts to manage their own advertising campaign, and (and perhaps the loss of a lot of money in the process);
  • Realization that their competition is getting business from the web (otherwise they would not be advertising), and they are not getting their share.

With carefully designed campaigns with very specific bidding strategies, we are able to overcome these challenges and maximize their lead flow.

Why is Running Your Own AdWords Campaign So Difficult?

Every year, more and more businesses are competing on PPC, which is exactly what Google wants. Ads on Google are priced using an auction model, and as more pay-per-click advertisers come in, ads get more expensive. The search phrases In Baldwin Harbor get more expensive. Competitors bid higher to climb higher, driving up costs for all.

Most advertisers are unsophisticated and do not optimize their campaigns. They just blindly buy traffic on thousands of keywords, hoping to drive in new customers.

They fail to realize that 75% of the keywords just waste budget and opportunity.

By chasing keywords and bidding them up, they make the space more expensive and competitive for everyone. This makes it even more essential to have professional optimization of your PPC spend.

Take a Surgical, Not a Shotgun Approach

with PPC Advertising

Strategy > More Sales & Great ROI

With rising costs and massive competition, the approach is to create a focused, surgical campaign. Every keyword should be used to generate a real chance at attracting new business.

Some large public companies focus on dominating a market and "owning" a space. However, for most businesses, profitable campaigns with tangible results are the goal.

Our proprietary strategy - executed daily by our experts and systems:

  • test and identify keywords,
  • write and test ad creatives,
  • set bidding strategies at the keyword level,
  • attract the best prospects with the fewest number of clicks,
  • bring in fewer but more qualified visitors, and
  • deliver the maximum results attainable for the predetermined budget.

Our surgical approach eliminates wasted keywords, and optimizes bids daily on successful keywords.

The result?

We typically lower customer acquisition cost 20-80% through strategic campaign design and management.

Be sure to let our website design company In Baldwin Harbor to help you to achieve real results. Exceptional designs by our website design agency help you!

15 Years of Real Results in PPC

With more than 15 years of results, we've helped clients small and large, we've driven over $600 million in revenue for our clients. Yes, Adwords works really, really well!

Your results will be driven by your goals, and we can work towards meeting a range of business goals for your business:

  • Lead generation at a specific cost per lead;
  • Lead generation to maximize lead value;

  • Lead generation with fewer but better quality leads;
  • Generating leads targeting only certain high value services;
  • Lead generation looking for only leads from highly targeted locations;

  • eCommerce sales with a certain profit target;
  • eCommerce sales with a goal of breaking even on new customer acqusition, with the goal of profits on additional transactions;
  • eCommerce with goal-oriented new customer acquisition cost, with a focus on lifetime value of a customer;

Whether your budget is $500 or $500,000 per month, we can ensure that your advertising dollars in the most effective way possible.

Industries We Help with Pay Per Click Advertising

At Direct Response Group, we handle clients in a wide range of industries including businesses. From professional services to medical, construction to home services, and ecommerce to pure lead generation, we can handle it all.

Any business looking to generate more business can benefit from the right pay-per-click campaign. If you don't see your business in the examples we show, don't worry - we can help you too. Some of the industries frequently using pay-per-click advertising include:

  • Attorneys
  • Medical Professionals
  • Financial services
  • Construction and home renovation
  • Automotive
  • Local service companies
  • National ecommerce companies
  • Online services
  • Software and technology companies
  • Lead generation companies
  • Other advertising agencies looking to outsource services

In fact, we can help virtually any businesses that needs more leads and sales. Not clear on your numbers? No problem. Our executive team has 30 years of business experience helping companies of all sizes. We can help you define goals - and then meet them.

Our Process to Run a Profitable Pay Per Click Campaign for You

Successful pay-per-click campaigns depend on many factors, most of which are discussed above. From our perspective, there is an extensive list of projects that we have to accomplish to set up your campaign, optimize it on a daily basis, and conduct weekly and monthly tests. Some of those tasks include:

  • Keyword research
  • Competitive research
  • Structuring campaigns and ad groups (baskets of related keywords)
  • Ad copywriting for your pay-per-click ads
  • Split testing of the ads to find best performing ads
  • Split testing of keywords and variations, identifying the best ROI
  • Optimizing keyword bids daily, reducing costs & increasing leads
  • Track performance of visitors who reach your website
  • Determine which keywords are generating qualified prospects and sales
  • Bidding and keyword strategy to drive higher converting visitors
  • Call tracking to measure performance ( if your goal is to attract calls)
  • Retargeting (remarketing) ads, bringing previous visitors back to you
  • Reporting, helping you see what is working best, with proof of ROI

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