Blauvelt Remarketing & Retargeting Campaigns

Reach Back & Advertise Across the Web to People In Blauvelt Who Visited Your Site Before

Retargeting / Remarketing Brings Visitors Back in Blauvelt

With all of your marketing efforts online and offline In Blauvelt, only a portion of the visitors to your site visitors will take decisive action. Some will buy, some will call, some will out a form. Most, however, leave your website without doing anything and disappear. Retargeting campaigns can change all of that.

A retargeting campaign (called "remarketing" by Google) is a campaign that shows your ads across the web to people who have previously visited your Blauvelt website.

They may visit your website on Tuesday, see your ads on Facebook on Wednesday, a news site on Thursday, and again within Skype on Friday.

Retargeting campaigns track visitors to your website through one or more advertising networks (including Google and Facebook networks), and then show your ads to visitors while they are on other websites.

Why Retargeting is Critical In Blauvelt

Think about the real cost of getting a new visitor to your website. SEO, pay per click, email marketing - they all have a cost. They get one chance to interact with you, and 90% or more leave without taking any action.

Retargeting campaigns (also called remarketing) let you reach people who already expressed an interest in you. Remind them about you and your services. Give them a larger-than-life appearance, and let them see your Blauvelt website across a huge range of web properties.

They weren't ready to take action before, but maybe they are today. They are reminded about you, you are turning yourself into a known brand, and you can greatly increase the likelihood that they will come back and buy from you.

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Retargeting - Multiple Approaches

Retargeting campaigns use display ads (banner ads) to attract your users' attention. The ad should be both visually compelling, and contain an offer to entice their return.

You can run ads using different models. Some choose to run campaigns on a per-impression basis ("CPM ads"), where you pay for ads to be seen. Others run on a pay-per-click model, where you only pay when they click through on your ad.

The more you are willing to pay, the more likely (and often) the ad networks will show your ads. Try to spend too little and you might not be shown at all.

There is no right or wrong answer. We often test both pay-per-click and CPM ads to see which yields better results for the client.

Retargeting (Remarketing) Example: Retargeting for a Law Firm

The law firm Alpha, Bravo & Charlie invests in pay-per-click and SEO. They receive 500 visitors per day and the phone rings 25 times (a 5% conversion rate). This means 475 people (95%) are not inquiring. Across the month, that's more than 14,000 people who were interested in the website, but then left without taking action.

With a retargeting campaign (or a Google remarketing campaign), the firm can reach those 14,000 people with additional ads.

If just a portion of those come back and a portion of those call, it could still generate another 5-25 phone calls per day!

Reasons to Include Retargeting in Your Blauvelt Strategy

As stated, you've already identified people who want what you offer. If they didn't buy, this is the primary way to reconnect. Think about your own behavior - just because you visited a site and didn't buy, did that mean you would never do business with that company again? Very often, you will visit a website several times before you act.

Why expect anything different from your prospects?

There are several reasons that you should be using retargeting ads:

  • You already spent time and money promoting your business
  • These people have already sought out and reached your website, yet
  • Only 1-5% of people likely actually engaged with you
  • 90% or more left without taking action and may forget about you, unless
  • You use retargeting to bring them back.

With retargeting, you can put the that 90%+ of your budget to work! It doesn't have to be wasted on people who come once and never see you again. With retargeting, they will see you over and over, with a greater chance of building real interest!

Huge Branding Benefits in Retargeting Campaigns

In addition to the returning clicks, a retargeting campaign is an excellent branding strategy. Building a true "brand" on the internet can cost millions of dollars. However, from the example above, the lawyers can build excellent, effective brand recognition to targeted clients for hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Like most businesses, these lawyers work in a specific geographical area. Their search campaigns target people from a particular place. Their clicks will be from people in their market.

Their retargeting campaign only reaches people who previously visited their site.

Thus, as they brand themselves, they aren't branding nationwide. They aren't even branding in their entire geography. They are branding to those who previously visited their website.

Now, instead of trying to reach 300,000,000 people nationwide, or even 1,000,000 people in their geography, they are only branding to around 14,000 people In Blauvelt who expressed an interest in their services.

That's extraordinary targeting, with a hyper-focused branding campaign to those with an expressed interest in Alpha, Bravo & Charlie.

As an advertiser, they can now brand themselves to those 14,000 people for a small fraction of their overall budget. That branding campaign will help them establish credibility and recognition with those people, greatly increasing the likelihood that they will return and engage with the firm.

Your Site Visitors See Your Ads After They Leave Your Site

We will feature your ads across the best network(s) for your business. For example, the Google "display network" reaches more than 2 million websites, mobile apps and videos. The ad can be your "standard ad" or customized to the product or the service they were last viewing on your website. If you have video ads, we can also include those in remarketing via YouTube.

Results from Retargeting are Fantastic

Surveying a range of campaigns, we are seeing great lifts in leads and sales:

  • Increases of 23 - 177% or more in sales and leads
  • Creation of a recognizable brand with a highly targeted audience
  • Increased credibility and perceived value because of wide visibility across the web

We Run Your Remarketing / Retargeting Right

Before launching your campaign, we learn about your business, your goals and the product/service to promote. The setup of your campaign requires:

  • Knowing the audience to target
  • Knowing which network will most effectively drive clients back to you In Blauvelt
  • Knowing which offer to put in front of people to bring them back to you
  • Doing split testing on ads and landing pages to maximize results
  • Constant monitoring of activity and engagement, and use of that knowledge to improve your results

Because these use display ads (similar to banner ads), we also need to develop graphics that inspire a higher percentage of clicks on your ads.

Once the campaign is launched, we monitor it daily. We see which ads, creatives, offers, etc., do a better job of bringing people back to your site. We also learn which retargeting networks do a better job. Maybe you do better with the Google network. Perhaps Facebook. Whichever it is, your results will be unique to you, and it is our job to optimize the campaign to strive for maximum results.

What Do You Lose Without Retargeting?

For those not using retargeting, they are forfeiting opportunity with people who have already expressed an interest.

  • Opportunity Loss - 95% of visitors were interested but left without taking action!

  • Missed Low Cost Acquisitions In Blauvelt - the cost of retargeting / remarketing is much lower than the costs associated with initial acquisitions. It is much cheaper to bring them back then acquire new prospects!

  • Lost Branding Opportunities - by not featuring yourself to prior visitors, you are simply losing the opportunity to brand yourself. You do not need to be a brand name nationwide (or statewide) - but why not be a brand name to those interested in what you offer?

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