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Social Media & Web 2.0: What You Must Know
The good news is that social media is nothing new ... forums and blogs have been around for years, and only recently has focus been placed on them as a way to drive business.

The bad news is that focus been placed on it as a way to drive business and your competition is taking advantage of it, in a big way, to drive real sales.

Social Media is NOT a Kids' Game
Some people think social media is about kids sending each other messages. Recreation is only a small piece of the puzzle. Social media is not just for kids.

Social Media Marketing targets your customers with blogs, articles, microsites, Facebook business pages and more. Your prospects use these tools, even if you do not. Don't let your own biases fool you: Social Media Marketing is real.

The Search Engines Love Social Media
Do a search - for anything - and you're likely to find listings for YouTube, Wikipedia, Facebook, HubPages and hundreds of other sites. These sites all compete with you in search and visitors to those sites will find your competitors and not you.

Build Social Media Talking About You
What if YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter and other sites talked about you? You could have multiple links appearing in Google, not just for your site, but for content about you as well.

Here's a free tip: having more quality social media sites point to your website can increase your listings in Google substantially.

Warning: the wrong links can hurt your listings & get you blocked in Google!

We'll work with you and develop a comprehensive social media strategy for you to help increase your visibility online, enhance your natural listings, and build your online reputation!

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