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Pay-Per-Click Consulting: An Alternative to PPC Management
Many companies drive 80-100% of their revenue from search, with nearly all of it coming from Pay-Per-Click. They know they can be doing better but are terrified of turning the reins over to someone else: what if they screw it up? They could put me out of business!

You Retain Control and Receive Expert Advice
We've launched a new service, Pay Per Click Consulting, which allows you to maintain control while working closely with a pay-per-click expert. We have listened and understand your concerns and fears. You need help. You cannot risk your entire business based on the partner you select. Our service removes those risks by creating a new service designed to monitor, track and advise you of the strategic moves to make, without actually taking control of your campaign.

We Develop the Strategies to Help You Reach Your Goals
Imagine having a team of trained experts peeking over your shoulder, watching the campaign, and recommending changes you can make to improve your results. You remain in control. We track every click, every conversion and using the same tracking technology employed by our fully managed campaigns. The only thing we do not do is automate the bid management. Instead, we give you recommended changes and leave it to you to decide which bid updates to make and which to disregard.

We Give You Specific Changes to Make to Your Campaigns
Every week we will perform a full analysis of your campaign and send it to you for review. In it we will make specific recommendations that may include bid changes, creative changes, keyword changes and more. These recommendations will vary week by week, depending upon the performance of the campaign. We encourage you to implement as many of the changes as possible, but the implementation is left to you and your team.

You Minimize Your Risk with Massive Upside Potential
Believe us, we understand how hard it is to select someone to work with in search. Trusted advisors are hard to find, and many fly-by-night companies jump in and out of internet marketing every day. Now you can harness the power of one of the oldest and most established search companies online, without the pain of handing the campaign over so someone else's discretion. As you learn more about us, become familiar with our services and more comfortable with how we do business, you may decide to transition to full management, and we welcome that transition. We do not sell you on this - the account management team is solely focused on the success of the campaign. We simply leave the door open, and if you choose along the way to get full management services, we're here to help. If you decide to stay with a pure consultancy service, we're happy to help.

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