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Pay Per Click Case Studies

Below is a sampling of the types of campaigns we have managed for our clients. Our search optimization services work regardless of whether you are B2B or B2C, Product or Service oriented, Focused Online or Offline. To our systems, it does not matter. It is all about optimizing the performance of keywords to produce a result.

B2B Equipment Sales

Client: Our client is a national provider of business equipment to offices
Sector: B2B Equipment
  1. Achieve growth into existing markets
  2. Reach into the small business market
  3. Make their products available to newly formed companies
Challenges: While they are an established brand competition does exist in the space. Also, many people associate them with enterprise-level products and do not realize they have offerings for small business.
  1. Targeted Pay-Per-Click campaign hitting keywords focused on the products and the need it fills
  2. Development of secondary sites promoting specific products
  3. Real-time optimization at the keyword level to produce maximum value from each keyword
Results Achieved: Within the first twelve months, we were able to bring in an additional 4,127 new customers - an average of 343 new customers monthly.

The cost-per-customer was lower than what they achieved through direct mail, print or radio, because the search clients are so targeted. The quality of clicks in B2B tends to be higher, and searches for targeted products exhibited strong intent to buy.

By designing the campaign to target people when they were in the buying mode vs. the information seeking mode, we were able to cut their cost per sale by over 68%.

Mortgage Lead Generation

Client: Mortgage Bank Licensed in 50 States
Sector: Consumer Mortgages
  1. Increase lead flow to loan officers
  2. Target leads for refinance over new home sales
  3. Target additional demographic criteria
Challenges: The mortgage space is one of the most saturated on the Internet. Being a lucrtive industry, tens of thousands of mortgage companies formed in a three year time span, each seemingly using the Internet to promote itself. Consumers are overwhelmved with information, potentially leaving them to choose based on price alone as opposed to quality and service.
  1. We worked with them to develop a more streamlined application process which had a higher completion rate
  2. We advised the client on additional content to include on their website to make them stand apart from their competition, increasing conversion rates
  3. We developed a massive keyword campaign, avoiding the most expensive keywords and targeting more than 100,000 obscure keywords
  4. We optimized each keyword individually to help each achieve their maximum potential
  5. We identified and removed keywords from the campaign that drove clicks without driving leads
Results Achieved: Within six months we increased lead flow by 130% by cutting lead costs 38%. The quality of the leads were higher, resulting in higher conversions. Leads were better targeted to their more lucrative products. Additional revenue from other sources (third party offerings) also increased because of the number of new deals closed.

Online Banking: Consumer Focus

Client: Top 5 National Consumer and Business Bank
Sector: Consumer Banking
  1. Build awareness of online banking products
  2. Drive new customers for high yield deposit products
  3. Attract new customers for personal loan products
  4. Decrease the cost of online customer acquisitions
  5. Maintain brand awareness
Challenges: Many banks are online-only banks, having a strong reputation and following online. As an established bank, they were not known for online products. We also sought to maintain the brand (a branding focus to the campaign) while achieving acceptable costs-per-acquisition (a CPA focus) - two goals which tend to be in conflict.
  1. Developed a segmented campaign with dual purposes: branding on brand terms and ROI on generic terms
  2. Research and launch keyword campaign focusing on inexpensive terms driving low cost conversions, balancing with more expensive terms driving high volumes of new business
  3. Optimize keyword selection and performance to focus on higher value clients
Results Achieved: During the first 90 days we saw a 57% increase in new customers vs. their pre-existing search campaign, with a better range of new customers (ie. higher depositors). Leads for the lending products were up 48% with an increase in conversion rate of 23%.

Domain Name Registration Services

Client: Top 10 Domain Registrar
Sector: Domain Names
  1. Increase new customer acquisition
  2. Target customers who would buy additional services
  3. Acquire customers at break-even or better with profits coming from renewals
Challenges: The domain name space is saturated with more than 80 "official registrars" and thousands of resellers. Deep discounters have all but eliminated profit margins; the client needed to retain profits and higher prices justified by higher levels of service.
  1. Competitive bidding strategies on high traffic keywords to drive volume at acceptible costs
  2. Deep keyword research to drive targeted inexpensive traffic resulting in inexpensive conversions
  3. Targeting of keywords and creative (titles and descriptions) to target users most likely interested in quality vs. price
  4. Prequalification of visitors for add-on services
Results Achieved: In the first twelve months, the cost-per-acquisition dropped 10% while industry click costs rose 55% (a 65% net savings). The client elected profits and viability vs. massive volume; as a result, they ran a very successful campaign without dominating top ranks.

Podiatrist: Local Market Focus

Client: Podiatrist with 4 Offices
Sector: Medical
  1. Bring in new patients
  2. Target patients requiring higher levels of care (ie. minor surgeries vs. topical care)
  3. Develop the brand in the region
  4. Focus on both online lead generation as well as lead generation by phone
Challenges: Patients searched in a wide variety of ways for searches. Client used a vanity phone number which could not be changed to isolate the search campaign from other campaigns. Client needed to increase patient flow to facilitate opening additional locations.
  1. Development of geo-targeted campaign focusing on a specific region
  2. Large-scale use of obscure terms and geo-targeted terms, in addition to engine geo-targeting
  3. Development of creative messages to qualify the visitor before the click
  4. Motivate a higher percentage of visitors to complete the online form rather than call
Results Achieved: In the first 90 days, the doctor brought in 56 new patients including surgeries. The practice has since opened three new locations to handle the additional caseload being brought to the medical practice.

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