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Link Building is an important component of any natural search camapign. With links from the right sites, it will also be a valuable source of traffic. DRG's Link Building Program is designed to help you achieve in-bound links from quality sites (which will help you), rather than thousands of links from link farms (which will hurt you).

Values of Link Building

Link building has two major benefits to your online marketing:

  • A significant portion of the ranking algorithms used by the search engines rely on links. Who is linking to you? Is it a relevant link? Is it a good site? Is it a good page on that site? Who links to that other site? What else does that other site link to? These are all questions that are considered in search.

  • In-bound links give new users a new way to find you. People may be reading an article, a blog, a posting or any other page online. When they come across your link, there is a chance that they will click on that link and come to you, without even using the search engines!
With a properly managed link building campaign, you can drive both direct visitors and higher search listings!

Quality In Bound Links Take Time and Patience

In general, you should not buy links. Hundreds of companies sell packages of links on eBay for pennies. If you even get the links, if they're from low quality sites or sites in unrelated industries, it will actually hurt you in Google!

Real link building is a slow and manual process. It requires our link builders to learn about your site and your business, research your competitors, learn who links to your competitors and learn what other sites are relevant to your line of business. We reach out and contact the webmasters, editors and publishers of those sites and request links from their site to yours.

This process is time consuming. Done right and with patience, it can yield great links that allow new people to visit your site and helps the search engines rank you higher in their listings.

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