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Content and Article Syndication
As we have said throughout our site, Content is King. Content gets you natural listings. With content and article syndication, it also gets you traffic.

Content and Article Syndication is the on going process of developing and syndicating information across the web. This information can then appear on other websites, in blogs, newsletters, forums and other locations, sharing that information with new users.

Content and Article Syndication has several major benefits:
  • You develop a reputation online for your area or industry
  • Readers of the articles can click on links back to your website
  • Readers of the articles may choose to link to you from their website, blog, newsletter, etc.
  • Those in-bound links can bring you even more readers
  • The in bound links can help you in your natural search efforts

  • Work Involved
    The work involved varies by client. Some clients have people on staff who already develop and write articles and content on a regular basis. Our role in those cases is to refine the content to be search and keyword friendly, and syndicate it online.

    In other cases, we are developing the content and articles and, again, syndicating that information.

    Syndication, in either case, may involve offering the articles to various online publications, to online news directories, the creation of blogs, references in relevant forums, reaching out to revelant webmasters and site owners offering content for inclusion on their sites, and more. While it is a labor intensive process, the results can be significant.

    The Cost
    Because every campaign is different, and every site owner has various goals and deadlines, we quote each project individually. Campaigns can range from $2,500 and up, depending upon the work required, the volume of work to be produced and the desire to achieve faster growth. Costs may be lower if part of an overall strategy which includes natural search optimization.

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