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What is Lead Generation?
For most companies, lead generation is the main goal of their website. Virtually all companies use lead generation, whether they are aware of it or not. While mortgage companies, insurance companies and the like are obvious users, whether they realize it or not every business that sells offline does lead generation. Some people confuse this concept with buying a mailing list. You are using the website as a method for prople to find you when they are looking for a new vendor. The goal is to have them call or fill out an online form.

Is Lead Generation Right for You?
Lead generation is right for any company that is not exclusively ecommerce. In fact, if you are not doing ecommerce then, by default, you are doing lead generation. Whether you sell online and offline, sell offline or provide only services, you need new customers. Our lead generation campaigns are design to help you do that - by bringing you qualified leads.

Lead Generation at Fixed Cost Per Lead
Lead Generation can augment your current search camapigns. Alternatively, if you are not looking to do a search campaign or do not have a website ready for a search campaign, we can develop a mini-site that is designed specifically to generate leads for you. Those leads are routed to you automatically, typically via email, so you can follow up quickly with your new prospect.

You Get Quality Leads with Minimal Risk
This system offers several major advantages over traditional online lead generation programs:

  1. Leads are developed exclusively for your use; they are not resold to your competitors, giving you the highest chance for conversion to sale
  2. Online Leads are routed directly to you automatically, within seconds of the lead being developed
  3. You can receive phone leads as easily as online leads (in many campaigns, 90% of leads are by phone)
  4. Individuals who wish to call will be provided a toll-free number that rings directly to your office
  5. The site indicates hours of availability, encouraging people to complete the online form after-hours
  6. You will be on a fixed cost-per-lead model, so your costs are controlled
  7. You set the monthly budget, so you do not receive more leads than you can afford
  8. You can throttle the campaign, so if your team has too many leads, we can slow or stop the lead flow for several days while they catch up
  9. You will be credited back for any duplicate online lead submissions
  10. Duplicate toll-free leads will just be charged a per-minute rate for the call, not the full price of a lead

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